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Estate Vineyards

Family Rodica takes care of 15 hectares of vineyards, all laying in a small Village our hometown Truške. Here in the northen part of Istra, a lovely mediteranian peninsula, where wine has been produced for centuries, we density planted 60.000 vines, that for us means life.
With Our great respect, love for vines and wine, we created a great relation with nature and people of this part of Earth, where our vineyards are spared on the top of hill, all in the southern position in the altitude between 250-350 meters above the see level.
We believe that the quality is born in the vineyard. The vines have to be planted densely, that they grow slowly and that wouldn’t give us big quantities for ripe. Mineral fertilizers are not used, because the vines need to live modestly, from what gives them the earth, in order to develop greater resistance and resilience. Thus, without the aid of synthetic protective agents remain healthy. Ripe and healthy grapes are produced in such a way that it is full of minerals that give the wine strength, vitality and character. Such an approach to the cultivation of our wines where we search the coexistence with nature, with taking into account its natural laws, with adding the discovered ancient knowledge, what today is called organic farming. In order to obtain a formal certificate for this kind of work, cultivate the vineyards according to the rules of organic production in 2009, we obtained certification for organic production of grapes from Ministery of Agriculture RS.
Our goal is to understand and to know each vineyard very intimately, learn its best and special qualities, and hear and feel each vineyard needs.
Every year when a specific thing have to be done in the vineyard you can find Marinko, the head guardian of the vineyards, walking through the vineyards looking and caring for the plant’s needs, to choose the most accurate time for plants to give her what she needs. Especially in the time near vintage, when the exact time has to be chosen to collect the grape or is this in the very morning or in the late evening to receive the best the nature can give us.